EIBFS collaborates with Al Etihad Credit Bureau to ‘Train the Trainers’ on Credit Reporting

Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies collaborates with Al Etihad Credit Bureau
to ‘Train the Trainers’ on Credit Reporting

Dubai-UAE: – The Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies (EIBFS), a regional leader in banking and finance education and training, in collaboration with Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB), recently organised a training for trainers to teach EIBFS the latest developments on Credit Reports and Scores.

As part of the training, EIBFS trainers attended the day-long session at the Dubai Campus of EIBFS. The trainers meet a critical need of the banks’ continuing professional development and education of their employees at various levels, comprising Bank credit officers, credit analysts, bond traders, investment bankers, treasurers who work in the areas of credit, mainly lending facilities, credit risk analysis, credit pricing, products, impact of retail and corporate banking activity on credit quality.

All of these assume increased focus and evaluation after the establishment of AECB. Jamal Al Jassmi, General Manager of the Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies, said: “Credit reporting is an important area in banking and the health of the sector and the economy is largely dependent on a robust risk assessment based on individual and corporate credit data available through the country’s credit bureau. In this regard, our effort to bring in an expert from AECB to train the trainers of our institute to enhance their required skills and capacity to impart knowledge, tools, and guidelines to deal with day to day challenges to their respective bank’s professionals will go a long way to ensure that credit analysis is done in the most effective manner to the satisfaction of the customer and the lender and meets the strong prudential rules set forth by the Central Bank.” AECB’s Credit Reports and Scores cover both individuals and companies. UAE residents can now buy Credit Reports and Scores via the new AECB mobile app or by visiting aecb.gov.ae

During the training session, an expert from AECB presented various modules, which touched upon:

  • AECB’s role
  • What information is included in the Credit Report for individuals and companies?
  • What is a Credit Score and how it is calculated?
  • Who are AECB’s current Information Providers?
  • Exploring opportunities for developing case studies using sample reports and data.
Noura Abbas Ahmed, Director Program Administration & Delivery Division at Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies,

added: “We at EIBFS have always prided ourselves in being the premier financial and banking training institution of the UAE that have always closely collaborated with our partners, namely the HR and talent managers of banks and financial institutions, to provide what they need. With our mandate to support their specific training needs though best in class programs across various verticals of the banking and insurance sectors, the “Training the Trainer” is a much in demand program. Training the trainers is the best approach to also deliver on the continuous professional development of EIBFS trainers We are delighted to have AECB conduct the session for us. From the feedback we have received so far, the session was extremely useful, and the trainers felt they were equipped with the necessary knowledge to conduct training for their professionals.”