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المدير العام

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It gives me great privilege to introduce the EIBFS Annual Learning solutions for 2020. Our learning plan focuses on the ‘Changing industry, changing skillsets and changing learning styles’. The plan is also a testimony of our vision to reflect the best global practices in our learning solutions, especially in a year when UAE hosts the magnificent World Expo 2020.

Banking and financial industry is undergoing major disruptive changes globally led by the forces of digitization, challenge from the Fintech eco system and emerging technologies. The unprecedented pace of these changes demands the enhancement of the competencies and reskilling of the workforce to adapt to the disruptive times.

Our learning solutions for 2020 are aligned with the UAE Government’s vision of grooming the Emirati talent pool for key roles in Banking and Financial Services. Our comprehensive learning solutions covers the learning needs of the entire spectrum from new joiners, developing talent for critical positions, managerial and leadership roles. In 2020, we are also paying great focus on reskilling of the workforce especially in the Retail banking domain where many traditional jobs can get automated in the coming years.

The change in learning delivery styles from traditional classroom led models to the newer models is also a trend to reckon with. As the leader in the learning domain, EIBFS has taken steps in 2020 to complement the classroom trainings with gamification, simulations, blended courses etc. EIBFS has set up state of the art simulation trading rooms for Financial Markets courses which is in line with our focus of experiential learning.

Our Learning plan has been driven by a multistage industry driven learning need analysis. The key highlight of this plan has been the ‘Competency Gap survey’, where we reached out to industry leaders to identify the learning needs for their teams. We thank the industry experts and the HR teams in banks for working closely with us to design courses that meets the learning needs.

The depth and breadth of our learning solutions have been enhanced further in 2020, adding on to the major transformative changes made in the previous year. The 2020 ATP will feature 185 courses, which is a 23% increase compared to the previous year. Due to the very popular demand for our programs, we have increased the number of program schedules from 695 to 821 in 2020.

We are confident that our 2020 learning solutions will help the industry and learners to develop the newer skillsets to be effective in their roles. I wish all the learners a very successful learning journey in 2020.

جمال أحمد الجسمي

المدير العام

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