Chairman’s Message

Hesham Abdullah Al Qassim

EIBFS Chairman

Chairman’s Message

The financial services industry is a highly regulated sector with many requirements for professional education. Those who aspire to become the next generation of leaders need to acquire customized knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Our educational and training programmes are anchored around this philosophy and we offer a unique opportunity for you to explore and develop the finer qualities required to be an expert in your chosen field. In today’s rapidly changing world, it is more important than ever to receive a specialized and advanced education.

EIBFS offers a diverse and comprehensive education and training plan where students and professionals can enroll in academic courses, such as, the Bachelor (BSc) in Banking and Finance, the Islamic Banking Diploma, and the Islamic Banking Diploma, can register for training sessions on leadership development, HR management and banking operations, and participate in professional certification courses on insurance, risk management and compliance, treasury, human resources and customer service along with many other offerings.

Our programmes combine the practical and theoretical experiences required for students and professionals to succeed in their profession and offer the flexibility to fast track and achieve career goals and growth. Programmes are also streamlined to deliver real world application and deepen knowledge of the financial services industry.

Further to this, EIBFS programmes offer a variety of opportunities for UAE nationals. In support of the nation’s Emiratisation initiatives, our institute encourages young UAE talent to participate in advanced education and training and equips them with the knowledge to take on leadership positions and establish long term careers in the banking and finance sector.

We are committed to helping preserve and enhance the investment students and professionals make in their education, and to ensuring they have the support, opportunities, and motivation needed to achieve education and career goals.

Looking forward, we hope to further strengthen our coordination with the banking community to provide tailored training programmes and internationally benchmarked professional academic courses that address current pressing issues and meet the dynamic demands of the Islamic banking industry in the UAE.


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