GM’s Message

Jamal Ahmed Al Jassmi

General Manager

GM’s Message

Over the past four decades of its cherished history, EIBFS has always been at the forefront of embracing and leading the change in education. Every challenge and disruption along the way were converted into  a golden opportunity to enhance and improve the quality of our teaching and learning to the banking and financial sector. The acceptance of change spirit of futuristic vision, openness to change and focus on execution helped us to give the agile response when the world witnessed the greatest disruption of the modern times.

In 2020, despite the unprecedented disruption resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, EIBFS marked a new milestone by training 30,000 learners. This is the highest number of learners trained in one year since the establishment of the EIBFS. During the period under review, EIBFS had to convert all its training content to an online delivery mode. During  August , EIBFS launched its own  in-house E-learning MOOCS platform, called INSIGHT. The success of the INSIGHT platform allowed EIBFS to  enhance its teaching and learning capabilities. Furthermore, INSIGHT also allowed EIBFS to make learning more excisable on any continuous anywhere anytime bases.

Our 2021 teaching and learning focus will be centered around the ‘new learning experience’, in the “new normal”. The focus will be centered around  blended learning, learning pathways and lifelong learning. The ATP 2021 features a major boost to the breadth and depth of the course portfolio with an industry leading library of 360 courses and 1168 programs which covers all functional areas within banking and finance. This marks a 91% YoY increase in the course library.

The major highlight of the 2021 learning solutions include competency based blended learning pathway, flipped learning, micro learning, E-learning EIBFS is delighted to launch 12 new role specific learning pathways. These new learning pathways covers all the key functional areas within banking.

EIBFS supports the national vision of developing future work ready Emirati talent for the banking sector. The Emiratization learning focus will  continue to be a core focus for EIBFS in 2021. Our Emiratization learning solutions will focus on three key pillars one the  of skilling the new joiner two the upskilling existing staff, and lastly the reskilling of  staff in retail

The growing focus on digital transformation and fintech ecosystem is causing a significant disruption in the finance and banking industry. At EIBFS, we firmly believe that technology and digitalization is an imperative part of the finance and banking industry. However, the required skillset will always be in demand. EIBFS will support the industry by developing talent and    and build capacity in line with industry requirements.

On behalf of the EIBFS management team, I thank the industry for its continuous support and active involvement in the learning need analysis and various committees, which helped us to understand the evolving learning needs.

I am sure that the 2021 learning solutions will help the learners to future proof themselves through upskilling and reskilling. I wish the learners a highly enriching learning journey.

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